Lawrence County Junior Fair presents:
Adorable Baby Contest
Monday, July 26
Lawrence County Fairgrounds
6:30 PM

How to enter:
Register day of contest starting at 5 PM – 6 PM at the Fairgrounds.  

No entries taken after 6 PM.

Entry Fee:  $10.00        

Divisions:                All ages based on day of contest.

Infant Miss:        0-5 months
Baby Miss:        6-11 months
Tiny Miss:        1 year old
Tiny Tot Miss:        2 year old
Adorable Miss:        3 year old

Infant Mister:                0-5 months
Baby Mister:                6-11 months
Tiny Mister:                1 year old
Tiny Tot Mister:          2 year old
Adorable Mister:                3 year old

Attire:    Participants should wear something fun and casual
that they  would wear to the Fair.  Makeup is not allowed.

General Rules:
1.  Applicants must select the appropriate group based on their gender and age the day of the
2.  Girls and Boys will compete separately.
3. The fair board reserves the right to see proof of age (birth certificate) upon request.
4.  An entry fee of $10.00 must accompany entry form.  No refunds will be given.
5.  Every participant will receive a participation ribbon.
6.  First place Winner in each division will receive an award.
7.  Each child will be accompanied on stage by one adult (parent/guardian) and come to the center
of the stage.  At this time, your child should smile, be cute, show personality, charm the judges, etc.  
PARENTS:  Please wear something that looks nice and covers your body.  The judges are trying to
look at and judge the contestants, NOT the parents. Parents should not wear short skirts or short
shorts, midriffs or low cut bloused, please cover tattoos.)
8.  This contest is for “fun” only.  The children will in no way represent the Lawrence County Fair at
other functions displaying the title, Adorable Baby Contest Winner.
9.  Parents/Guardians agree that the judge’s decision is final.

For more information, contact:
Skyelar Palmer at 812-881-0347
Rita Palmer 618-843-7138