Pre-Registration Ends at 4:30 PM on July 27th             
$40.00 per team

Day of Event Registration ends at 12 Noon                
$45.00 per team

No registration taken after 12 Noon day of event!

Teams will consist of 4-5 team members!
Classes are:

Girls – 5-8
Girls – 9-13
Girls – 14-18

Boys – 5-8
Boys – 9-13
Boys – 14-18

Men – Ages 19-30
Women – Ages 19-30
Men- Ages 31 and up
Women – Ages 31 and up

(Contestants under 18 years of age must have
a signed release form from their parents.)
Pig  Wrestling
Wednesday, July 28
7 PM
Lawrence County Fairgrounds, Sumner, IL
Never before has there been such a display of skill
and strength, brain and brawn, mind and might!
Watch team members scramble to catch a pig, then
with bare hands place the pig on the barrel racing to
beat the clock!

Registration forms can be obtained at:       
Lawrence County Farm Bureau, 10722 Cherry Lane,

online at

For more information, contact
Lawrence County Farm Bureau
at 618-943-2610

Mark your calendar and be prepared to let
the good times get dirty at the 9th Annual
Pig Scramble at the Lawrence County
JR Fair, Sumner, IL.

Sponsored by the
Lawrence County Farm Bureau
Young Leaders

What exactly is hog wrestling?

Hog wrestling is a competition where four person
teams enter the mud pit/arena and try to catch a
hog and lift it up onto a padded barrel. The porkers
are clearly in their element, the competitors clearly
are not. The whole thing ends up being a
tremendous amount of fun.